Thank you for playing.

Ann Pocknell (UK) - 1st, Main Tournament
Brian Lever (UK) - 1st, Consolation Knockout
Steve Lee (UK) - 1st, Last Chance Knockout
Dama Cunningham (IRELAND) - 1st, Shootout
Brian Lever (UK) - 1st, Jackpot Knockout
Simon Morecroft (UK) - 1st, Players' Knockout

Siobhan O'Connell & Felix Vink (IRELAND) - 
1st, Doubles

See you next year.

Ahern Gavin IRELAND

Biddle Richard UK

Brooker Gary UK

Budrys Vaidas RUSSIA

Burgess Brendan IRELAND

Burgess Gill UK

Busato Walter ITALY

Calderbank Mark UK

Casey John IRELAND

Casey Sean IRELAND

Caudwell Drew UK

Chandler Vicky UK

Conway Frank IRELAND

Cunningham Dama IRELAND

Cunningham Joan IRELAND

Deasy Seán IRELAND

Dooley Ray IRELAND

Flynn Jerry IRELAND

Ford Michelle UK

Furborough Richard UK

Gallagher Danny IRELAND

Harbee Ali IRAN

Hornyak Nicholas IRELAND

Huggins John IRELAND

Irving Don UK

Jones Karen UK

Jones Kevin UK

Jones Sean UK

Kelly Conor IRELAND

Kershaw Raymond UK

Lee Steve UK

Lever Brian UK

Little Stephen UK

Littlehailes Martha UK

Mann Stuart UK

Marshall Andy UK

Morecroft Simon UK

Nsk Nikrooz IRAN

O'Connell Siobhan IRELAND

Perry Robert UK

Pocknell Ann UK

Polden Alex UK

Price Anna UK

Pritchard David UK

Reay Eamonn IRELAND

Redden Philip IRELAND

Rhodes Rachel UK

Seely Trudi UK

Sprake Vic UK


Thompson Gary UK

Tyler Stephen IRELAND

Uttley CJ UK

van Lanen Sander NETHERLANDS

Viana Bernardo PORTUGAL

Vink Felix IRELAND

Waid Mike UK

Webb Neil UK

Woods Alastair UK

Entry to the Main Tournament (€50) includes entry to the Consolation Knockout and the Last Chance Knockout. All Main Tournament entrants are guaranteed a minimum of 5 matches.

€3,000 Prize Fund + Optional Side Pools + Trophies in 
Main Tournament
Consolation Knockout
Last Chance Knockout

Register from 7pm on the night for the Friday Knockouts and from 12noon on the day for the Saturday Shootout.

Optional Side Pools will run alongside the Main Tournament and all Knockouts. (A Side Pool is a prize fund made up of additional and optional entry fees, kept separate from the main prize fund, and awarded to the player of each side pool who gets the furthest in each pool.)

In the Main Tournament Heats each entrant plays up to 6 games. Win 5 or more games to secure qualification into the Main Tournament Knockout on Sunday. Win 4 games to be in the Main Tournament Playoffs.

Date Cork Open Backgammon Tournament 2016

Thursday 3rd
21.00 Live Music: John Spillane, DeBarras Folk Club

Friday 4th
12.00 Lunch in Clonakilty Market

14.00 Doubles Knockout €25 entry (7-pointers, 9 point final)

18.00 Irish Backgammon Federation Meeting

20.00 Knockouts:
Jackpot €200 entry (9-points, 11-point final)
Leisure €20 entry (7-points, 9-point final)
Novices €2 entry (3-points, 5-point final)

21.00 Main Tournament Draw 

Saturday 5th March 09.30 Briefing & Group Photo
10.00 Main Tournament 6-Round Swiss (7-points)
12.00 Saturday Shootout €5 entry (1-point)

21.00 Thai Dinner in Baan Sujjitra
22.30 Traditional Irish Music Session in An Teach Beag

Sunday 6th March

09.00 Main Tournament Playoffs 7-points)
10.00 Consolation Knockout Registration & Draw (7-points)
10.00 Main Tournament Knockout (11-points)
12.30 Last Chance Knockout Registration & Draw (3-points)

18.00 Finals:
Main Tournament (13-points)
Consolation Knockout (9-points)
Last Chance Knockout (5-points)

20.00 Thai Dinner in Baan Sujjitra

Monday 7th
10.00 Scenic Tour/Coast Walk

The Main Tournament Swiss Rounds will result in:
1 Player winning 6 matches, 
6 Players winning 5 matches, and
15 Players winning 4 matches.

Of the 15 Players winning 4 matches, 3 names will be drawn from a hat and will qualify. The remaining 12 Players will each play a 7-point match, of which the 6 winners will also qualify, bringing the total to 16 Players.

The 48 non-qualifiers from the Main Tournament Swiss Rounds will be joined in Round 2 of the Consolation Tournament by the 8 Players knocked out of the Main Tournament Knockout. Depending on numbers, re-buys may be available at €20.

The Cork Open Backgammon Tournament 2016 will adopt the Tournament Rules (Edition 1.3, August 2015) of the European Backgammon Federation.

Clocks may be used in all finals, except the Novices' Knockout and the Saturday Shootout. The Tournament Director will invoke clocks in any game where slow play is delaying proceedings.

Prizes may vary dependent on actual number of players entering each competition.

Competition 1st
Optional Side Pools
Main Tournament (64-Players, Saturday) €1,300 €500 €50, €20, €10
Consolation Knockout (64-Players, Sunday) €650 €250 €20, €10
Last Chance Knockout (64 Players, Sunday) €200 €100 €10
€200 Friday Knockout (8-players) €1,100 €500 €200
€20 Friday Knockout (32-players) €450 €190 €20
€2 Friday Knockout (8-players) €11 €5 €2
€5 Saturday Shootout (64-players) €220 €100 €5

Entry to the Main Tournament (€50) includes entry to the Consolation Knockout and the Last Chance Knockout. 

Register from 7pm on the night for the Friday Knockouts and from 12noon on the day for the Saturday Shootout.

For the Cork Open 2016 local craftsman Murray Heasman has been commissioned to produce a set of 8 mounted celtic knot weaves.  One for the Main Tournament winner, and one for the winner of each of the 7 Knockout competitions taking place over the weekend.  

The Trophies are sponsored by Baan Sujittra Thai Restaurant, Clonakilty, Cork.

Main Tournament Trophy 2016

2016 Trophies: Consolation & Last Chance (bottom row)
2016 Trophies: Friday Doubles, Jackpot, Leisure, Novice & Saturday Shootout (bottom row)