Entry to the Main Tournament (€50) includes entry to the Consolation Knockout and the Last Chance Knockout. All Main Tournament entrants are guaranteed a minimum of 5 matches.

Register at event for Friday Knockouts.

In the Main Tournament Swiss Rounds each entrant plays up to 6 games. Win 5 or more games to secure qualification into the Main Tournament Knockout on Sunday. Win 4 games to be in the Main Tournament Playoffs.

Day Cork Open Backgammon Tournament                                

Friday 19.45 Evening Knockouts' Side Pools Close
20.00 €20 Evening Knockout (7-points)
20.00 €200 Evening Knockout (9-points)
22.00 Live Music, Various Venues

Saturday 09.00 Main Side Pools Open
09.30 Briefing & Group Photo 
09.45 Main Tournament Side Pools Close
10.00 Main Tournament 6-Round Swiss Starts  (7-points)
17.00 Main Tournament Playoffs Draw 
22.00 Live Music, Various Venues


09.00 Consolation Pool Opens
09.00 Main Tournament Playoffs (7-points)
09.45 Consolation Knockout Side Pool Closes
10.00 Main Tournament Knockout Starts (9-points)
10.00 Consolation Knockout Starts (7-points)
12.00 Last Chance Knockout Starts (3-points)
15.00 Last Chance Closes

17.00 Finals:
Main Tournament (11-points)
Consolation Knockout (9-points)
Last Chance Knockout (5-points)

22.00 Live Music, Various Venues

A 64-player 6-round Swiss Tournament will result in:
1 Player winning 6 matches, 
6 Players winning 5 matches, and
15 Players winning 4 matches.

The 1 player winning 6 matches will be given a bye in Round 1 of the Main Final 16.

Of the 15 Players winning 4 matches, 1 name will be drawn from a hat and will qualify. The remaining 14 Players will each play a 7-point match, of which the 7 winners will also qualify, bringing the Main Knockout to 16 Players. The 7 losers will be given a bye in Round 1 of the Consolation Knockout.

The 48 non-qualifiers from the Main Tournament Swiss Rounds will be automatically entered into the Consolation Knockout and will be joined in Round 2 of the Consolation Tournament by the 8 Players eliminated from Round 1 of the Main Tournament Knockout.

Depending on numbers, re-buys into the Last Chance Knockout may be available at €5.
Optional Side Pools will run alongside the Main Tournament and Knockouts. (A Side Pool is a prize fund made up of additional and optional entry fees, kept separate from the main prize fund, and awarded to the player of each side pool who gets the furthest in each pool.) Side Pools for the Main Tournament and Consolation Knockout must be entered before 9.45am Saturday and Sunday respectively.

To ensure the Swiss Rounds progress in a timely manner, 6 matches each round will be designated Clock Compulsory by the Tournament Director. Other matches are Clock Optional meaning a clock may be used if both players agree.

Absent Players will concede 1 Penalty Point at 5 minute intervals from 15 minutes after Play Starts.
The Cork Open Backgammon Tournament will adopt the Tournament Rules (Edition 1.3, August 2015) of the European Backgammon Federation.